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What’s For Lunch?

I have often said “Hunger knows no season.” However, summer is an exceptional season of hunger for many of our neighbors.

This sounds strange to be saying about Williamson County, but the truth is that we have 5105 children in the free/reduced lunch program right here in our Franklin Special and Williamson County schools.

This school year alone GraceWorks has met a hunger need by giving away 725 Fuel Bags per week during the school year — light meals and snacks to ensure these children have adequate food over the weekend. But if this many children need food assistance during school, how do these active growing children get sufficient food over the summer, when they don’t have access to free lunches or Fuel Bags?

Because we as a community care enough to provide free lunches and extra food through Fuel Bags to students who need it, we have to continue this same care when school is out. Summer gives us the opportunity to step in and fill an important hunger risk gap. Really, no one in Williamson County should be hungry — and certainly not any children! Feeding the hungry is one of the many reasons we are here. 

This summer I would like to expand our policy of giving one full grocery cart of food to a family a month by increasing it to two carts a month. Each grocery cart has a value of $220, and $395 if the family is eligible for USDA food. I want to meet the true need of hunger this summer, especially for our children.

Please join me in making this possible. I am asking you to give extra during this season of hardship to stock our shelves with the additional food needed to meet these increased requests. When a child runs in the house after a full morning of playing outside and asks his mom what’s for lunch, she can look in her cabinets and readily prepare a meal for her child and his neighborhood playmate toobecause of your generosity.

Please watch the following video of a story that will be common for many of our neighbors this summer. I think Lisa’s telling about her struggle to provide food for her family during the summer in her own words is better than me trying to tell you in mine.  Although this video was used last summer, the need it expresses will be the same this summer.

Thank you in advance for helping to feed our hungry neighbors by making sure our shelves are stocked when they come asking for extra food assistance this summer. Our neighbors and their children have a meal because you care. May God bless your giving.

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Valencia A. Breckenridge, CEO

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