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Unsung Heroes

Dear Friends,

It isn’t often that our newsletter focuses on the Executive Board. But in this article I would ask you to join me in recognizing these often unsung heroes of GraceWorks. The Board takes on the heavy responsibility of governance and of hiring and managing the CEO, in addition to its advocacy and fundraising roles. In executing the governance role, the Executive Board is currently working on the new strategic plan to be launched in our July 2018/June 2019 fiscal year.

Designing a well-thought-out, God-honoring strategic plan for our ministry is a huge undertaking as we look at the GraceWorks we are and the GraceWorks we want to be. Please pray for wisdom, discernment and agreement as the Board moves deeper into this process. I would also ask that you pray for each board member individually.  Here are their names: (put them in a double row)

Carolyn Varga-Moore, Chairman
Dayna Moseley, Vice Chairman
Monica Hayes, Treasurer
Kelly Bair
Leslie Carpenter
Stacy Clayton
Tom Hailey
Carol A. Lloyd, Board Intern
Betty Dale Mullins
Kevin Riggs
John Taylor
Charles Valdez
Bill Wright

I would ask for special prayers for Bill (William Wright) for his task in chairing the Strategic Planning Committee. He is working with the help of Brad Gray, a consultant from the Center for Nonprofit Management.

In addition to wanting to applaud the men and women who serve on our board for their commitment and dedication to the GraceWorks, I also want to tell you, our dedicated supporters, of opportunities we have on the Board and on Board subcommittees.    

Right now we have a great need for Board members. Six members are rolling off at the end of June. We have a very specific need for someone with human resources experience to join our board and for HR professionals to join our HR committee. There are additional opportunities on the Executive, Development, Finance and Governance Committees as well.

If you are interested in learning more about our Executive Board or one of the listed subcommittees, please email me at and set up an appointment to talk.

Thank you in advance for your prayers for the Board and for the strategic planning process. Please also continue to pray that our ministry to our neighbors continues to bring a tangible message of Christ-focused hope to those in need.

Serving in His Name,



Valencia A. Breckenridge, CEO

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