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The Feeling of Grace

Dear Friends,

Last month I wrote about the love-fest that our neighbors had at the Neighbor Focus groups we hosted in preparation for our strategic planning. Well, this month, I am excited to share with you the summary of those three focus groups. 

For me the most exciting and relevant revelation was the group’s responses to two of the eight questions that were asked:

  1.   “What can you get at GraceWorks that you cannot get anywhere else?”
  2.   “How does GraceWorks make you feel?”

Our neighbors’ answer to the first question was particularly meaningful and heart-warming, in that the most popular open ended answer given was that they uniquely get “spiritual and personal encouragement” from coming to GraceWorks. Of all the tangible ways we can help and the tangible gifts we can give, isn’t the hope of Christ indeed the greatest one!!! 

So it is no wonder that in tandem to the first question’s answer, the most common answer given to the second question was that GraceWorks makes them feel supported and encouraged. In reading this answer, I immediately imagine the heaviness they walked in our doors with, and it being shed like an old skin and left behind as they leave.

I hope you feel as excited about these answers as I do. Isn’t encouraging people through the demonstrable love of God what GraceWorks is all about?

Furthermore, you will be pleased to know that many of neighbors shared how coming to GraceWorks has made them want to give back. They now volunteer in their communities, in their schools and yes, even at GraceWorks!!!

GraceWorks is a true community resource center, supported by and used by members of the community we serve in. We are true relational neighbors. We are part of the authentic give and take of living side by side and shoulder to shoulder with one another.

Thank you for all the ways you make us possible. Without your prayers, your financial support, your volunteerism – we just simply wouldn’t be. I also have to specifically thank you for your advocacy because 75% of the neighbors who attended the focus groups said they heard about GraceWorks through “word of mouth.” I pray you will keep telling others about GraceWorks and inviting them to come so that we can serve them and so that they can also serve.

It continues to be my great joy to steward this wonderful ministry. You continue to be the joyful partner who makes this work such a rich blessing to so many!

As we march toward the end of our fiscal year in June and the beginning of our new fiscal year in July, I will reveal some more exciting news of the discoveries and decisions of our strategic plan. Stay tuned …

Serving in His Name,



Valencia A. Breckenridge, CEO

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