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Take Action to Fight Hunger

42 million Americans — including 13 million children — live in households which are food insecure, meaning there is limited or uncertain access to enough food to support a healthy life as families are forced to make difficult choices between paying for food, utilities, transportation, medical care and housing.

Despite the wealth in Williamson County, 7.6% of our population is food insecure according to Feeding America. Often times, it’s not easy to see the face of hunger. It can be a neighbor, a friend at church or someone else you’d might not suspect is dealing with this issue.

To help fight hunger, GraceWorks gives away food carts, student fuel bags and holiday food boxes along with offering mobile food pantries. Last year, over $1.6 million in food was given through the generosity of donors and the volunteers who process and distribute food to those in need. 

With September being Hunger Action Month, everyone has the opportunity to help fight hunger in Williamson County. Whether it’s by advocating and raising awareness, making donations, or volunteering, there are many ways to make a difference.

How you can help:

The GraceWorks Food Pantry is currently out of:
• Cereal

Our need is critical for:
• Peanut butter
• Instant mashed potatoes
• Spaghetti sauce (plastic jars or cans)
• Pasta
• Boxed meals (like Hamburger Helper)

For our Fuel Bag program, critical needs include:
• Applesauce
• Cheese or peanut butter crackers
• Microwavable meat meals
• Jif-to-go
• Fruit snacks
• Cereal or oatmeal
• Ramen noodle soup
(All individual sizes, please.)

If you wish to donate items for the pantry, please bring them by our donation centers.

The pantry always needs plastic grocery bags which we use to distribute food to our neighbors. It’s a great way to recycle.

Often times, GraceWorks purchases needed items in bulk so financial donations are always welcome. They can be made online through our secure giving site or by mailing a check us with “food pantry” written in the memo area.

GraceWorks relies on the help of volunteers to sort and organize food for distribution. Individuals, families or groups can volunteer for a few hours or a full day. To find out more about volunteering at GraceWorks, visit here.

Hold a Food Drive
GraceWorks will provide bins and have someone pick them up at the end of the drive. It’s a great way for a church, company or civic group to make an impact in their community. For more information, contact

In addition, groups can fundraise for the GraceWorks Food Pantry by having a car wash, bake sale or yard sale.

Spread the Word & Pray
Discuss with your friends the issue of hunger in Williamson County and ways to help. Keep those who face food insecurities in your prayers along with those who make it their mission to fight hunger.

Together, we can make a difference in the fight against hunger in Williamson County.

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