Stepping Forward

GraceWorks’ Stepping Forward initiative began as a way to help people reclaim their dreams.

In a yearlong program personalized for each individual, participants are paired with mentors to provide counsel and encouragement. They also work with professional mental health and financial counselors, dietitians and clergy to gain the tools they need to navigate their lives on their own.

GraceWorks’ goal is to help them realize their dreams of self-sufficiency and improved quality of life.

The Stepping Forward program exists to provide support, guidance and relationships that counteract the crisis of poverty and promotes self-sufficiency.

Who Benefits?

• Anyone who is committed to improving his or her life
• Anyone who is willing to commit to learning from mentors, professionals and others who will support them
• Anyone who is able to commit to a yearlong process

What Can It Accomplish?

• Help with obtaining a GED or other higher education goals
• Help with mental, social and physical health issues
• Help with job readiness
• Help with financial, parenting and nutritional education

How To Take Part

• Complete the Stepping Forward Participant Application
• Complete the interview process
• Commit to the Stepping Forward program for one year

Mentors Needed

We are looking for individuals or couples to be mentors to provide counsel and encouragement for Stepping Forward participants. As a mentor, you will be making a yearlong commitment to providing support, guidance and friendship. This is an unique opportunity to make a significant difference in someone else’s life.

How To Become A Mentor

• Complete a Stepping Forward Mentor Application
• Commit to being a mentor for one year
• Attend a four-hour training
• Take the lead and support participants through an ongoing relationship

If you want to find out more about Stepping Forward either as a potential participant or mentor, please contact GraceWorks at (615) 794-9055 to schedule an appointment with Rae Boyd or Jeff Fulmer or email us. Read a Stepping Forward success story here.