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Starting a New Year With God’s Grace in Action

She started the new year as she’d ended the last — homeless.

In an effort to relocate to Williamson County for a job which never materialized, she was living out of her car as she considered her next move.

One morning, her car didn’t start, and without a car, her options went from limited to none.

She contacted GraceWorks to see if anyone could help her. Luis Sura with Neighbor Services had the car towed to Wurster’s Car Repair for an estimate and found a nearby hotel for her to stay a few nights.

After the car was seen by mechanic Mike Wurster, the news wasn’t good. It would need a new engine. Even though Wurster offered to do the work at a large discount, it was still expensive and funds available from GraceWorks were limited after Christmas. Sura would need to find someone to help pay for the repair.

Within the hour, Sura received a call back from the mechanic. Mike told him he felt led to help this person and would make the repair for free.

But the repair would take three days, meaning the lady would need to stay at the hotel longer. As Sura was looking to find a way to pay for the extra nights, he received another call from Mike — his sister wanted to cover the added hotel costs.

“This new year’s story is an example of God’s grace in action,” said Rae Sanchez, Director of Neighbor Services. “We live in an amazing community and GraceWorks is blessed to have partners who do incredible things to help those in need.”

Today, she picks up her repaired car. Though her future is uncertain, she knows she has the support of a caring community so that 2017 can be the year she begins to get her life back on the road.

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