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Some Ways to Give When You Shop

One of the easiest ways to give to GraceWorks is through the rewards programs offered by community-minded companies. When you shop, a portion of your purchase is donated to the charity of your choice at no cost to you. Though the donated amounts are usually small per purchase, the combined total adds up to significant numbers over time. Here are two such companies and how to sign up.


The AmazonSmile programs donates 0.5% of the price of your purchase to GraceWorks.

1. Visit

2. Log in with your Amazon username and password. If you don’t have an Amazon account, you will can set one up from this window.

3. Designate GraceWorks Ministries as your charity of choice.

Once set, Amazon remembers your selection for any purchase you make at Amazon as long as you go to their site through


Kroger Community Rewards

GraceWorks receives a percentage of purchases made when a PlusCard is swiped.

1. Register online at You must have a Kroger Plus card. If not, you can obtain one at a Kroger customer service desk.

2. Click on “Sign In/Register.”

3. Sign up for the rewards account by entering zip code, clicking on favorite store, entering email address and creating a password.

4. You will get a message to check your email inbox. Click on the link in the email.

5. Click on “My Account” and use your email address and password to proceed.

6. Click on “Edit Kroger Community Rewards Information” and input your Kroger Plus card number.

7. Enter “GraceWorks Ministries” or “57996,” and click on “Confirm.”

8. To verify your enrollment, you will see GraceWorks’ name on the right side of the information page.

9. A Kroger PlusCard must be used for each purchase to count.

Many credit card companies such as Discover and American Express allow members to donate rewards. A few credit cards and gas stations do as well. If you hear of others, please reply below and we’ll share it with everyone.

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