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Small Hands, Big Impact!

Melody Brooke sold cookies for GraceWorks and donated the funds to help us purchase food.

Calling all kids!

Young GraceWorks supporters, we need your help!

We are seeing an average of DOUBLE the number of households each day at our curbside food pantry, and a 35% increase in rent and utility assistance requests. In order to continue to serve neighbors in need with food and housing assistance during the coronavirus crisis, we are asking you to get creative!

Through something we are calling the “Small Hands, Big Impact” campaign you can help us continue to make a difference in our community!

Here’s how you can participate:

1) Pick an item to make and pass out to your family/friends (this could be cookies, pictures, bracelets, etc. – get creative!)

2) Tell your family/friends you are making your item for GraceWorks – ask them to “purchase” your item in an exchange for a donation to GraceWorks online

3) Print & download the attached PDF (as many as you need) and put them with your items

4) Drop off your items to your family/friends’ porches (from a safe distance of course!)

5) Using #GWsmallhandsbigimpact, post a pic of you and your item on social media to encourage others to create & donate as well! Make sure to tag GraceWorks too!

A BIG thank you to those young supporters who have already participated and gave us this idea!

Let’s get creative – for good!

Your gift will help people like the woman who came to the food pantry line and ran out of gas at the front of the line — not only did she leave with a full trunk of food and gas in her tank, but also a whole lot of HOPE! Please email Development Assistant, Bekah Brewer with any questions you may have!

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