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New Staff to Help Address Hunger

Dear Friends,

If hunger were a person it would be rude and selfish, because hunger is persistent and will not be ignored. It interrupts you in the middle of your conversations and activities with loud distracting grumblings. If you continue to try to ignore it, it will then zap your mental and physical strength. Hunger will even go so far as to cause you pain! It doesn’t care about your age, your gender, your nationality – it doesn’t even care about your ability to meet its demands.

GraceWorks, along with Feeding America, invites you to stand with us this September in recognition of National Hunger Action month. This national action call is to make everyone conscious of those among us who, primarily due to poverty, simply don’t have enough food to feed themselves or their families.

According to Feeding America, 1 in every 7 Americans rely on a local food bank to eat. At GraceWorks, we can affirm the need right here in Williamson County through the 10,000 or so Neighbors we saw last year, where the largest request was for food. If you volunteer as a GraceWorker or a Food Pantry volunteer, you already know the need here is great. Because you see it first hand, I would ask that during this Hunger Action month, you invite neighbors and friends to host a food drive, or perhaps to even join you in volunteering to address these needs. If you support us or know of us in any way, for the sake of our hungry Neighbors, I am also asking the same of you.

New Director of Neighbor Services, Bryan Pogue.

Having the right people in place to serve those who are hungry is just as important as having the food available. Consequently, I am excited to introduce our new Director of Neighbor Services, Bryan Pogue. I am pleased to report that Bryan was an internal hire who formerly held the post of Church Relations Manager at GraceWorks. Bryan originally came to us from California where he last served as a Family Pastor at the Rock Harbor Church in Costa Mesa. Bryan and his wife Bekah have made their home in Spring Hill with their two wonderful sons, Tanner and Ty.

In addition, I would like to introduce Melissa Carter, our Mobile Services Manager, another internal hire, who will be serving Fairview and other communities with Mobile Food Pantries and mobile Neighbor Services. While this is a newly created post born out of our strategic plan, Melissa herself is not new to GraceWorks, and formerly served as the Assistant Manager at the Fairview site. Melissa and her husband, Scott, along with her two fantastic children, Chance and Laura, live in Fairview.

Bryan and Melissa both have major roles in our hunger prevention programs. And both have big hearts that allow them to serve our hungry Neighbors with dignity. In addition to meeting other needs, Bryan will be inviting Neighbors to our Franklin Food Pantry, whereas Melissa will be primarily feeding our Neighbors through a variety of standard and custom Mobile Food Pantries. So while September is Hunger Action Month, they will be battling hunger all year long.

Under the GraceWorks mission statement of Neighbor serving Neighbor, you too can join in the battle to help our hungry Neighbors squelch the rude, persistent, invasive demands of hunger. I want to thank you for not just serving the month of September, but for addressing hunger the other eleven months as well.

Thank you also for the food drives you will participate in this month as well as for your personal and corporate financial giving, your service and your conversations to eradicate hunger.

In this great country of ours, no one should be hungry. Thanks for all you do to make sure that is true.

Your Servant in Christ,

Valencia A. Breckenridge, CEO

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  1. Kimberly Hoskins

    I have had an opportunity to visit Grace Works. In fact I was blessed to volunteer while visiting family in Franklin. The amazing staff and volunteers, showed me just how strong Grace Works is in their mission. As I was unfamiliar with the community needs. Everyone who visited Grace Works were treated with upmost caring, giving and respect. I pray the community will continue to give with the same mission and compassion as Grace Works .

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