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Look Who’s Turning 25!

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! Happy new decade! And happy quarter of a century to GraceWorks!

GraceWorks is turning 25! I am grateful for all who initially committed to the vision of starting a faith-based community resource center that would be a first-of-mind “go to” place, for those in need and for those who wanted to give their time and treasure to serve them. It is not enough to say that vision is still going strong, because it is moving at a stronger trajectory that we can keep up with!

The compassionate idea of helping Neighbors in need has multiplied into us serving tens of thousands of needy Neighbors throughout the year. Who knew that 25 years later the service and message of GraceWorks would be needed more than ever?

As we turn the page and step into our 25th year of ministry, we want to invite you to celebrate what God has done. At the same time, we invite you to pray with us that He would continue to use and grow our ministry in preparation for what He has for us in the future.

We have much to be grateful for and so have planned a full year of celebrations. On February 13 there will be a special celebration to thank those churches that were key in our conception as well as those who support us today. On April 23, we will host a 25th themed fundraising dinner. Of course, our festivity wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include celebrating the success and impact of the Thrift Store, so on May 3, we are hosting a fashion show at The Grove, (formerly O’More College) where neighbors, volunteers, and donors will strut items from our award-winning store. Even our very own Mayor Moore and his wife, Linda, will be two of our models! We will then finish out the year of celebration with a big community parking lot party on October 3, hosted right here at GraceWorks which will include food, tours, shopping and lots of other fun.

However, the real celebration is thanking God for the lives we’ve impacted and changed by bringing hope to them during their time of need. Hope that recognized their life vulnerabilities and uncertainties. Hope that is tangible food, rent or utility assistance. Hope that is eternal, reminding them who God is and of His care for them.

With your help GraceWorks will continue to offer that same hope. And I hope to see you at least one, if not all, of our many celebrations throughout the year. Go to for all the information. And if you are in the area, stop by and let’s together marvel over what God has done.

Whether you are just getting to know us or have known us from the beginning, thank you for your partnership. We are who and where we are today because of you. Thank you for getting us to the first 25 years. With God’s grace and your support, we will do and be even more in the next 25!

Yours in Christ,

Valencia A. Breckenridge, CEO

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