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In God’s Sight

It’s not what one expects when participating in a fundraising event, but once in a while the grace of God comes shining through.

GraceWorks CEO Tina Edwards was selling crosses collected by GraceWorks at an annual alternative gift-giving fair at Christ United Methodist Church.

A young disabled man, 22 years old, came up to the table with his mother, who told him he could pick any of the 50 or so crosses he saw there.

He chose the large pink ceramic one with purple flowers and a fancy ribbon for a hanger. It was a cross that would have been expected to appeal to a little girl or folks shopping for a present for a new baby.

His mother began sobbing as she stood at the table. It wasn’t the color or the obvious feminine design that might have embarrassed her.

It was the words from Psalm 139 painted on the cross: “I am wonderfully made.”

Her tears of joy made the long afternoon of fundraising more worthwhile than any money made that day, Edwards said.

“It was God’s work showing at that moment,” Edwards said. “It’s not how most people would see this young man, but it is how God sees him.”

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