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“I Wanted to Give Back”

An unusual gift came into GraceWorks’ offices a few weeks ago.

Tucked in an envelope with a check was a note from a woman who lives in Brentwood named Melanie.*

She was on disability for an extended time, but that support had ended months ago, and she was still not healthy enough for employment. In this interim, she turned to GraceWorks, which helped her with rent and utility payments, as well as food.

“The most awesome part was how caring and kind your staff was,” she wrote.

Recently, she was able to find a full-time job paying enough to support herself again. As she is rebuilding her financial footing, she still chose to give. Her gratitude for GraceWorks led her to contribute what she could.

This is just one example of GraceWork’s mission of “Neighbor serving Neighbor, by the power of God’s grace” in action.

“I wanted to give back so you could assist someone else,” she wrote.

GraceWorks exists on the grace of others — of donors, of volunteers, of the community, and above all, of Christ. What a joy it is to distribute the very grace we receive to our neighbors in need! And, how tender it is to see someone who was the recipient of this grace give back to us so we can serve someone else. This is the presence of Christ, and we thank each of you for being a part of this work.

*Her real name is not used to protect her confidentiality.

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