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“I Need a Coat”

Jake* wore a thin gray t-shirt and jeans when he came to GraceWorks.

The temperature was in the 50s, and rain was pelting the parking lot.

“I need a coat,” he said.

Subsisting on Social Security, the 68-year-old Jake had to bum a ride with a friend from his home several miles out of Franklin.

When he asked if also needed food, he said he could use some.

A staff member helped him find a heavy, dry jacket and steered him to the GraceWorks Food Pantry to fill a shopping cart full of groceries.

It was the first time he had been to GraceWorks, he said.

Jake is a man of few words, but his posture soon became straighter, as overcome with gratitude, he struggled to speak.

“You all are so nice to me,” he said. “I really appreciate it.”

And he left, quite a bit warmer than when he came and with enough food to stretch his limited income dollars for other necessary expenses.


*not his real name

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