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Hope and a Future

Okay, call me weird, but I am one of those people who likes Mondays, because I love fresh starts. That said, imagine how I feel about starting a new year! Ecstatic is the best way to describe it. This is not just a new week, but a whole brand new year! I get goosebumps just thinking of all the possibilities and adventures ahead.

Every year, I claim Jeremiah 29:11 as my life verse. I love how the Lord reminds us that He knows the plans he has for you and me—plans to prosper us, not to harm us, and plans to give us “hope and a future.” I find great comfort in serving a God who already knows the plans He has for me, not just in 2017 but beyond. I believe this verse applies not only to us personally but also to the corporate ministries we serve in so that others will know His love and care.

As we begin a new year of coming alongside our neighbors in need here at GraceWorks, I am keeping my eyes and my heart open to see the plans that God has for us. I want us to totally be in step with God’s plans, so I am inviting Him deeply into our every strategy. I am committed to His plan over any plan that I make, trusting that He will bless and prosper us in His own perfect time.

We have lots to look forward to in 2017. Please join me in praying that God would bless some of the immediate plans we have as we begin the year:
• For the hiring of a director of development
• For strategic planning for the upcoming July 2017/June 2018 fiscal year
• For improved programs and facilities to provide better service to our neighbors at our Franklin and Fairview sites
• For wisdom for me as the (still new) CEO

I am grateful for the many ways you have served and supported us in the two months I have been here. I hope you will continue to enable and equip us to assist our neighbors in need in 2017. Blessings to each and every one of you and a very happy new year!

Joyously Yours,



Valencia A. Breckenridge, CEO

P.S. Check out our volunteer opportunities and by all means stop by and say hello!

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