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Help Students Be Successful Through The Big Payback

5,105 Williamson County Students qualify for free/reduced breakfasts and lunches at school.

7,050 Williamson County children do not know where their next meal is coming from.

Many of these children do not come to school with the supplies to succeed!

On May 2nd, you can help change this! Help GraceWorks raise $15,000 during The Big Payback, hosted by The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, is a 24-hour online giving event in Middle Tennessee. All participating nonprofits are eligible for additional prizes from The Community Foundation throughout the day!

GraceWorks is asking for donations to ensure students obtain the best education possible by giving them the tools needed to study and focus in the classroom.

Your Big Payback donation to GraceWorks will purchase:

  • Backpacks ($5 each) filled with school supplies distributed through the annual Big Backpack Giveaway.
  • Fuel Bags ($1 each) containing weekend snacks and light meals for students.
  • The Classroom Snack Box ($20 each) containing snacks for teachers to distribute to students who could not bring anything to eat during snack time.

Many Williamson County parents struggle to pay for their children’s school supplies and to feed them adequately. School districts report 5,105 students, or 11%, qualify for free/reduced school lunches. Approximately 7,050 Williamson County children are food insecure (lack access to adequate food) according to the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth. Hunger is directly tied to school behavioral and absenteeism problems such as lack of focus, chronic health conditions, stress, depression and aggression.

When it is hard to put food on the table, imagine the challenge these parents face to purchase school supplies.

These children could use a little extra help preparing for school.

Why Backpacks?
Imagine trying to finish a school assignment without your own pencils, clean paper, pens, erasers, rulers, composition books, folders and the myriad other items required by school districts. Last year, GraceWorks and other partnering organizations distributed 2,400 backpacks filled with supplies the weekend before the start of school.

Why Fuel Bags?
GraceWorks’ Fuel Bag alleviate the effects of hunger on students, who are fed during the week at school, but have little or nothing to eat on the weekend. Fuel Bags are filled with nutritious items and given to students to take home on weekends.

Why Classroom Snack Boxes?
Students are allowed to bring their own snacks to enjoy at mid-morning to sustain them from breakfast until lunch, but some parents cannot afford to provide those. A teacher came to GraceWorks asking for help providing in-school snacks to these children who were going without. So, GraceWorks began the Classroom Snack Box program last fall to provide boxes full of snacks for teachers to distribute to students who otherwise could only sit and watch their classmates enjoying treats.

Your $50 donation to GraceWorks through The Big Payback will pay for 50 Student Fuel Bags, or 10 Student Backpacks, or 2 Classroom Snack Box full of snacks!

Help us hit our $15,000 goal on May 2nd so GraceWorks can purchase the following for our children!

  • 1,461 Backpacks
  • 2,695 Fuel Bags
  • 250 Classroom Snack Boxes

Come back on May 2nd to give to GraceWorks during the Big Payback and help us reach our goal of $15,000 for our children!

Also, don’t miss Backpack Brunch Donation Day at Ruby Sunshine where they will be hosting a Big Giving Power Hour between 1- 2  p.m. with 15% of proceeds going to GraceWorks.

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