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Having a Heart of Grace

GraceWorks is often perceived as a place where our neighbors can get food and help with rent and utility bills.

That’s all true. But, as a comprehensive community resource center GraceWorks has multiple other resources to meet specific needs such as school materials, newborn supplies, Christmas gifts, financial guidance and more!

And, occasionally, something new pops up.

Emily (not her real name) came to GraceWorks recently with an exceptional problem.

“I have never had to ask for much help in my life, but the time has come that I do indeed some help,” Emily said.

She has a heart condition, and she needed a device that attaches to her phone to check her EKG. The test results are sent to her cardiologist, who determines if she is all right or needs to seek medical help.

She explained her problem to the GraceWorker volunteer who listened to her story. The device was ordered for her while she was still in GraceWorks.

“This is a life-saving device, and I am so blessed that this was ordered for me … and received the next day at my home,” she said.

It is this ability to hear the unique needs of each person God brings to GraceWorks, and the flexibility to be able to address them that exhibits the heart of grace our neighbors need. Were it not for our trusting donors to make this possible, Emily may have not had another place to turn.

“GraceWorks had shown the true love that God wants us all to show to one another. I will never forget this kindness and be forever grateful! You will not find a more wonderful, loving and sincere group of people than GraceWorks!”

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