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Gratitude in Action

Although they needed the help, one Franklin couple refused to just accept Christmas gifts at this year’s GraceWorks Manger.

Instead they “paid” for their four children’s presents through the work of their hands.

They were assigned to choose their gifts at 6 p.m. one evening. They arrived at 11 a.m., signed in as volunteers and plunged into work. They sorted toys. They unloaded gifts from vehicles and organized them by age and gender.

That afternoon and evening they served as personal shoppers, helping others like themselves find just the right items for their families. After helping others, they finally found a few moments to select the gifts for their own children and for each other.

In all, they spent about 9 and a half hours serving others and 20 minutes on their own family.

“We want to do what we can to help others,” the wife said. “We can’t give money, but we can help.”

—By Kathi McClure

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