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God is Good to Me

When the rest of her family were moving to the Duplex area in the 1960s, Annie Adkinson and her husband couldn’t find a place.

“We locked arms and hands and asked God to give us a house in Duplex,” she said.

Shortly afterward, their prayers were answered with a home in Duplex. But while searching for water for their new home, the well-digger went down 100 feet and found nothing.

“He asked my husband what he wanted him to do. My husband said, ‘Momma, go on into your little room. You know what to do.’”

What she did was pray.

She came back outside. The digger went down 13 more feet. And water sprayed over their land.

Annie lives by prayer and by her belief in the Lord. But three years ago, the payments on her precious house became too much to bear on a fixed income. Her children fought with the mortgage company but it wouldn’t budge on the amount.

Even prayers seemed to be unsuccessful – until God’s answer came through GraceWorks.

Luis Sura, who is program assistant for GraceWorks Neighbor Services, visited Annie’s daughter, Mary Sam, to look into repairs for Mary’s house. Sam said her mother was about to be evicted from her home of more than 50 years, and Luis recommended she come to GraceWorks for help.

And there Annie met Cheryl Brown, a HUD housing counselor working with GraceWorks, who negotiated with the mortgage company and got her payment lowered from about $500 to $298 a month.

That day was Adkinson’s birthday. She turned 93 years old. And her birthday gift was the home she had prayed for so many years ago.

She is fervent about obedience to God. And she has been rewarded. She’s independent and lives alone. She’s had eight children, seven still living. She plays piano and is a minister at the Duplex Church of God.

“God is good to me,” she said. “God has helped us a great bit.”

— by Kathi McClure

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