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Do Not Fear

Dear Friends,

The Neighbors who come to GraceWorks don’t need ghouls or monsters to feel afraid. Their fears are larger and have a far greater impact than anything that would ring their doorbells for candy this Halloween. Some of our Neighbors are in the fight of their lives just trying to survive from day to day.

These same Neighbors sit before our GraceWorkers, their eyes streaming with fearful tears over worrying about how they will pay their rent. Or how will they keep their lights on. And most of all, as indicated by our growing food pantry numbers, how they will meet the food demands of their hungry growing children. These fearful concerns haunt their sleep and keep them up at night with sweaty palms and racing hearts.

Their fears are real!

I recently got a call from a young man who is homeless and is literally sleeping in the dark spooky woods because he had nowhere to go. He was frightened to spend yet another gloomy night alone on the damp ground exposed to the elements. Another young man – a single father of three who had lost both his wife and son – came to GraceWorks seeking help with rent and food. He was scared that even though he was working, he would not be able to provide for his three remaining children who were solely depending on him. A young woman came to us after being released from the County jail asking for help to get back home to her baby daughter who lived in another state. She was afraid she wouldn’t be able to see her baby because she didn’t have the money to get to the bus station in Nashville nor the means to buy a bus ticket once she got there.

But because God invites us not to fear and encourages us not to worry, as a faith based ministry we do the same for our Neighbors. What a blessing that God uses us to shine the light of His hope, mercy and provision on their most dreaded horrors. Our GraceWorkers and Food Pantry volunteers were able to address each of the fears of these Neighbors and thousands of others just like them, through the compassionate services we offer at GraceWorks. Our key programs of rent assistance, utility assistance and food assistance can help calm the most fearsome concerns.

Thank you for being the vehicle of all of these fear chasers. As the number of Neighbors we serve continues to grow, your support, your prayers, your time, your advocacy in helping us to tangibly address their fears are more important than ever. Thank you for your continued care for our Neighbors through your partnership with GraceWorks. You are a blessing!

Fearlessly Yours in Christ

Valencia A. Breckenridge, CEO

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