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“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.

― John F. Kennedy

Dear Friends,

Change is hard. Change is unpopular. Few people like it. Even when it is needed to make something better, it still is not welcomed. I imagine some of you are having these feelings about the coming changes in Fairview. While I am painfully aware that we will miss the way we currently serve in Fairview, I am actually very excited about the new future we will be shaping through this change! Others have expressed their excitement and support as well. 

Here is a preliminary list of what I believe we have to look forward to with the new Mobile Model:

Serving food to more people: In the month of March, 179 people were served in our Food Pantry at GraceWorks West, while a whopping 276 people were served in just 3 hours at a Mobile Food Pantry that same month. Just think about how many more people we can serve with this new model!

Conducting ministry in a more cost-effective way: Reducing overhead allows us to put more ministry dollars toward our serving our Neighbors in this community.

Nimbleness in serving: Customized Mobile Food Pantries allow us to not only serve specific populations in Fairview, but also facilitate us helping in under-served neighboring counties like Hickman.

More visibility: Given that we will be hosting Mobile Food Pantries throughout the Fairview community and beyond, we will have greater community exposure as we move about.

More partnerships: Already new businesses and churches have started reaching out to us asking how they can help!

More comprehensive help for our Neighbors: It is our plan to invite other ministry and community partners to join us at these Mobile Food Pantries to offer other services in addition to the food.

A more focused volunteer experience: Mobile Food Pantries are an all hands-on deck experience and require about 100 volunteers to be successful. Our plan is to have a minimum of 12 Mobile Food Pantries in the first year, and more in years to come. In addition, we still need our GraceWorkers to help us administer rent and utility assistance once a borrowed space is established.

As I said, change is hard. We all will miss the old model of how we served in Fairview, but we have much to look forward to. Our final day of service in the old building is June 21, and then as of July 1st, GraceWorks West will move to a Mobile Model. We will also launch our first Mobile Food Pantry in July. Please stay tuned for the date.   

We need you now more than ever before! We especially need your prayers in this time of change and of new decisions.  We need your support in all the ways you have given it in the past and in new ways as well. Thank you for standing with us as we chart these new waters together! Please know that no matter what we change we will remain true to our mission of Neighbor Serving Neighbor, by the power of God’s grace!

Your Servant,

Valencia A. Breckenridge, CEO

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  1. Valerie Barr

    Dear Valencia,
    Thank you for these words. Any words of defining how our facility will work helps.
    I was also wondering about The Manger. Will we still have a Fairview location?
    When you called me, you mentioned a need for me to continue helping to order food. Will we be able to talk about that? We are all loyal to our Fairview GraceWorks and our neighbors just as you are. I think we just need to hear specifics whenever possible. Thank you for your time.
    Valerie Barr

    1. jfuqua

      Hi Sarah. The thrift store will close in Fairview on June 24 as we must vacate the space by the end of June. A thrift store will remain in Franklin at 104 Southeast Parkway.

  2. Mona Baswell

    The thrift store portion of Graceworks also ministered to neighbors. I was present the day the family whose house burned down so that they escaped with only the clothes on their backs and they needed replacement of everything. I have also been present when other neighbors have needed clothes vouchers. My family has also benefited from clothing and other helpful items. In addition, I have bought like new children”s books and new with the price tag kids’ clothing, games and toys which I collected all year long and then donated to the Manger Scene in December. The community of Fairview will miss this helpful resource. They will also miss a meeting place where neighbors can get acquainted with other neighbors, people they might not otherwise have become familiar. Speaking for me personally, I believe the experience has made me a more compassionate person who is more aware of needs of those around me.

    1. jfuqua

      Hi Mona. We understand the impact no longer having a store in Fairview will have for many, but, when looking at the overall need in Fairview, we felt GraceWorks could serve more moving to this mobile model. Neighbors in need will still be able to get vouchers for clothing and furniture through our Franklin location.

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