Family Support

One Paycheck Away

It’s like tipping a line of dominoes. One tragedy happens and sets in motion a series of financial and emotional problems, even...
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Serving a Servant

An Army veteran reluctantly sought help from GraceWorks early this month. Bob (not his real name) used to be a regular GraceWorks...
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Simple Requests

Dear Friends, “Ma’am, do you think I could get a sweater?” This simple request from a neighbor was shared with me by...
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What I Know For Sure

As I celebrate my one-year anniversary of becoming the CEO/President of GraceWorks, I find myself asking the same question Oprah Winfrey asks...
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God is Good to Me

When the rest of her family were moving to the Duplex area in the 1960s, Annie Adkinson and her husband couldn’t find...
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