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“A Situation that I Well Understand”

The plight of a 6-year-old girl gave a small Williamson County town the opportunity this winter to live out GraceWorks’ mission statement “Neighbor serving Neighbor.”

The little girl’s mother died last summer. Besides navigating the emotional hole in both their lives, her father Matt (not his real name) is facing financial difficulties.

His landscaping business always hits a snag in the winter, and he usually works nights at a fast food restaurant to make up the deficit. But this winter without someone to watch his daughter, he was struggling to meet their bills.

When he only had three-fourths of the amount needed to pay the rent in January, he turned to GraceWorks. There, he met Bobbie Jo Tackett, a GraceWorker who volunteers to hear neighbors’ stories and determine how GraceWorks can best meet their needs.

GraceWorks paid the remainder of his rent, in partnership with a local church. He also was given a shopping cart full of food and encouraged to come back for more food each month until his business was going again.

The next month, Tackett was wondering about the small family and contacted Matt.

By then, this little girl was heavy on Tackett’s mind.

“I lost my mother when I was just a little older than this little girl, so this is a very special opportunity to share Jesus with someone who is in a situation that I well understand,” Tackett said.

She talked to her women’s Bible study group, who can provide the girl the one thing Matt can’t — a woman’s touch. The group has “adopted” the girl and sends her notes and small gifts of love and encouragement.

“I’m grateful for the door that God opened at GraceWorks, and the joy it is to be in this partnership,” Tackett said.

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