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A Little Bit of Help

Just a little bit of help can make all the difference in someone’s life.

Many neighbors coming to GraceWorks for help need only a short bridge over troubles suddenly facing them. Such was the case with Sam*, a recent college graduate, who was hired for a good job but wouldn’t receive a paycheck in time to pay his rent.

He turned to GraceWorks.

Getting GraceWorks assistance with paying rent is more complicated than most of our services. In addition to proof of income, neighbors must bring proof of residency, their lease agreements, written agreement from the landlord to accepting GraceWorks payment, and information about what money they, relatives and/or friends can contribute to the amount needed.

Rent assistance is provided per family once a year.

Sam was able to finance 62% of the rent payment.

“He was clearly not there to lay his need in our laps to just solve his problem for him in its entirety,” said the GraceWorker who interviewed Sam, “but he was willing to participate in a solution to his problem and was owning his responsibility to the extent that he could.”

The GraceWorker prayed for the young man and said he saw Sam wipe his eyes afterward.

As Sam left, he asked about volunteer opportunities at GraceWorks.

“It seemed in meeting this need regarding his rent, he had found another purpose for living – in helping others, perhaps through us,” the GraceWorker said.


*Not his real name

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