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Celebrate GraceWorks 25th Birthday by joining the #25for25 campaign!

The Goal: 250 people commit to give $25 for the next 25 months. This would raise $156,250 for GraceWorks programs!! What an incredible Birthday gift that would be!

You and 249 other people can make a HUGE impact on the lives of our neighbors if you sign up to give $25 for the next 25 months today! Every time you make your #25for25 gift, you will impact the lives of your neighbors. Children will have something to eat over the weekend, grandmothers will keep their heat on, and single moms will be able to pay her rent bill this month because of YOU.

After you sign up to join the #25for25 campaign – spread the word! Tag us on social media and tell someone why you chose to give #25for25 for GraceWorks.

Thank you for celebrating GraceWorks 25th Birthday with us. We are so grateful for you!

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