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20 Years of Grace

2015 was a year of celebrating 20 years of community impact while continuing to increase services to meet present demands and moving forward on new initiatives for meeting the future needs of our growing community.

GraceWorks has continued to focus on improved service, access and programs. Easier access to needed help saw GraceWorks West in Fairview serving 30% of our total requests and giving more than $425,000 worth of non-seasonal support in its first full year of operation. Access was also improved by moving administrative offices from the main building to allow more room for programming.

An exciting program called Stepping Forward began in 2015, fulfilling a longtime dream of GraceWorks of offering a long-term individualized support program that would help neighbors achieve self-sufficiency.

This past December was the 25th year of The Manger. During those 25 years, thousands of people have received both Christmas gifts and the hope that comes through the gift of God’s son. The Manger predates GraceWorks and in many ways is responsible for its creation.

Also in 2015, GraceWorks launched a new and improved website to help tell our story, improve options for financial giving, share volunteer opportunities and guide potential clients. Check it out at

There is joy in 20 years of faithful service and stewardship and honor in the role GraceWorks has had in our community, and we are proud to have served with tremendous impact. As community needs grow and GraceWorks seeks to make lifelong and generational improvements, we know it has been the continual support of community members that has enabled us to serve for 20 years and is what will allow us to serve the community in the future.

Together we extend the love of Christ by serving our neighbors with humble hearts. GraceWorks thanks you for the investment
of time, donated goods, financial gifts and prayers. We look forward to serving with all of you in the coming year and all the years to follow.

See our full 2015 Year in Review including 20-Year and 2015 Highlights, financial statements and more here.

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